Destination Sovereignty – Co-creating your next step

Patanjali, an ancient sage of yoga, advises that when we get to the end of a progression of steps we see how we arrived at where we are.  It’s obvious, but I doubt that I’m alone in having the experience of saying “How did I get here?”. This is part of the dawning of wisdom.  We can flip Patanjali’s teaching around and understand that conscious decision-making is that which is done step by step in alignment with our highest wisdom. To declare that we want to make conscious co-creative decisions, is a powerful creative action in and of itself. We make thousands of decisions a day. When we intentionally co-create with our highest source of wisdom, step by step, moment by moment, our creations can be true to our own hearts and harmonious with the world around us. In this Destination Sovereignty program we will be walking through a co-creative process together.  We will follow a loose structure which will provide an opportunity to explore our future visioning as a co-creative process we can look at in several different ways.  Each week I’ll post a blog post which will contain some thoughts and guidelines and practices you may consider as you envision the next year of your life.  For those who choose to, we’ll meet on December 26th 4PM Pacific Time to meditate, vision and share our visions for the coming year.

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It’s pay what you can an are comfortable with. After all, we are all in this together.

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